About Us

About Us

Bhariya Treks and Expedition is to provide the best services to the most valuable Guests in compensation of their valuable time and money. Its most important motto is the satisfaction of the guests. Our all the guides are at your service during your trekking and tour in Nepal.

The company is proud enough to point out some of the unique things it had done, has been doing and will do also. We have kept 15% of its net profit to preserve the natural beauty and greenery of this land of Himalays. To maintain the balance of eco system also we use this amount.

We have already provided pure drinking water supply to Salyan VDC-6, Solukhumbu. And in the year 2000 we donated some amount to the Birkhe school.

In 2007,We established solar panel in Ghunsa,Solukhumbu. In addition to these we encourage the children of the Birkhe school by giving them individual awards and other study metarials, those who are really in need. We do take it seriously because if the children are educated and good water is provided to the community the following betterment will be there. Water born diseases will stop. Forth coming educated generation of Salyan VDC will be a promise to the guests those who are coming from far and abroad. The educated one will know what are their duties being the host. At present they are unaware due to lack of proper education.Now our aim is to provide toilet in every houses of the village within 2015.

For the tourists and travellers also it will be nice to have good water supply and power supply also.

More over if we can provide Hydro electricity to the villagers we can save a lot of our forest. In this area number of trees are very less. About 103 residences are here. All are using firewood as fuel. If they continue the same within a short span of time the entire forest will become barren. If they can use electricity for fuel and light, that will help to save our jungle.

Though it is a small step from this Himalayan Kingdom it is a stride to the entire mankind of the world.

At last we would like to extend our gratitude to our guests for joining with us and enjoying your holidays in a positive way by saving our greeneries and balancing the eco system. This thanks comes from the members of Bhariya Treks and Expedition as well as its managing Director.